Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 5 - Pencil Pusher

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For unimpressive as this one looks, this is actually one of my proudest bottles. As a math major, before switching to mechanical pencils after three years, I use to use standard, yellow, six-sided, pink-eraser topped, no. 2 pencils. One day, for some reason, I felt like it was a waste to throw away the shavings left in my electric pencil sharpener. I guess I originally planned on keeping them as a testament to how much work I had done with a pencil. At the time, this Jones bottle project was not even a thought.

So this bottle was filled late last night. It is filled with pencil shavings from about three years of mathematics homework, tests, proofs, quizzes, and exams. And by "filled", I mean tightly packed. Every single sliver of shaving came from a pencil that needed sharpening.


P.S. - The photo below was taken after filling and before packing. By the end I could write a novel with the graphite left on my hands. Note the pretzel box still about 20% full of shavings.

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