Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 12 - Ohhh, YEAH!

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The program is discontinued now, but back in the day the Kraft Food Company had a Kool-Aid points program. Every packet of Kool-Aid, every tub, every box had a proof-of-purchase that could be cut out and collected. These tiny pieces of paper and cardboard could be exchanged for various items; beach towels, cups, electronics, etc.

So in this bottle are 1,075 Kool-Aid proofs-of-purchases totaling 2,535 points. I guess we drank a lot of Kool-Aid as kids because none of these slips came from recent containers. I filled the bottle this morning.

The label has significance too. Warm days, blue skies, and a cold glass of Kool-Aid. Summer days, red rings of sugary residue on your face, blue tongues. The dog days of summer. The grass between your toes, playfully being chased by a pet, capture the flag.

Oh yeah,

P.S. - The bonus photo below shows the bucket of Kool-Aid points, the pile of clippings, and the yet-to-be-drank bottle of Jones destined to be filled with the contents of the bucket. The photo was meant to show how sore my thumb, index, and ring finger became after cutting out 1,075 tiny squares; I'm not sure how well the photo conveys my discomfort.

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